Private Investigator in PDX


John Jayne, Principal Investigator, DPSST #57956

 John Jayne, owner of Virtus Group Investigations LLC.  John has been a DPSST licensed and insured private investigator for many years and has worked hundreds of criminal defense cases, family law cases and business law.  

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Kim Foglio, Investigator & Legal Assistant, DPSST #59086


Kim is an amazing investigator and brings a wealth of experience to the team. Kim has been a legal assistant for many many attorneys in all areas of law since 2003.  

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Skip Raddle, Investigator, DPSST #09167

Skip has  Law Enforcement experience which gives him a vast range of knowledge in Criminal Law.  

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Chris Fender, Investigator, DPSST #04990


Chris has over 15 years of investigative experience ranging from Police work, financial crime investigations, workers compensation fraud and drug cases.  

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Lacey White, Investigator, DPSST #90401


Lacey is our newest investigator and comes to us with a background and education in criminal justice and psychology. 

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Sara Ginter, Legal Assistant

Sara Ginter joined Virtus Group Investigations in 2019, as an experienced Legal Assistant. She previously worked for 15 years in law firms 

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