Tenant Screening


Credit Score

The fact is, credit score is the most reliable indicator of tenant success that there is, bar none. You need to make sure that the tenant can afford the unit, but credit score will weed out the people that have behavioral issues and have no problem cheating anyone that they owe money to. 

 If you are a landlord, you know you need to do a background check. A critical piece is getting a credit report, complete with a credit score. The credit score is a summation of everything that goes on a credit report. It is calculated the same every time, with no bias to any discriminatory practices. It is colorblind and not subject to any fair housing issues. 


Criminal Background Check

Tenant Background Search is a comprehensive tenant screening solution used commercially and by individual property owners alike. Secure your investment today with a trusted and established tenant screening solution in the industry.  If you are in need of landlord background check or landlord credit check services, then look no further than Virtus Group. Our reports are fast, accurate and affordable. 

Quite simply, Tenant Background Search is the ultimate landlord tenant screening tool on the market today. 


FRCA Tenant Screening

So you decided to search the internet for tenant screening services and you came across a term you’ve never seen before: FCRA tenant screening.  As you continue your research you realized that very few tenant screening websites actually mention FCRA compliance at all. This confused you because you were under the impression that all tenant screening and background check providers were FCRA compliant, and that you were doing “what you’re supposed to.”You couldn’t be  further from the truth.  

Know the company you are using and how they obtain and store your data.  


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