Before surveillance is conducted we want to have as much information about the subject as possible.  All surveillance investigations receive a preliminary data search through elaborate data sources of which the following information is searched:·         

  • Residence history·         
  • DMV search·        
  • Social Media Search·        
  • Court cases search·        
  • Business License Search·        
  • Deep Internet Search


Surveillance is a way to great way to gather evidence and information about an individual and strengthen your decisions.  The video documentation obtained during an investigation allows our client to determine the daily activities, physical limitations, and movements of a subject. Clients are updated as needed and are provided with written updates each day following surveillance efforts.


Like any surveillance you are likely looking for proof of something.  You may have that sick feeling in your stomach because you know something is not right with a specific situation.  You may be looking for proof that your spouse is unfaithful or to prove that he or she is faithful.  You may just want closure on something specific.Whatever the reason  for the surveillance let us determine whether we can help you or not.  If we can’t help you we will do our best to refer you to someone who can.


Each investigator is equipped with a lap top computer, video camera and covert video equipment to document a subject’s activities wherever they go.  All investigators maintain suitable surveillance vehicles to ensure they blend in with their environments at all times.