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Kim Foglio, Investigator & Legal Assistant, DPSST #59086


Kim is an amazing investigator and brings a wealth of experience to the team.  She has worked as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal for the past 17 years.  In 2012, Kim became a DPSST licensed Investigator.  She was fortunate enough that right after becoming licensed the attorney’s she worked for saw her potential as an Investigator and immediately started giving her difficult cases.  Within her first year of being licensed she had already worked on Measure 11 and Jessica’s Law cases, along with various other felony matters.

Kim has worked hundreds of criminal and juvenile cases, including Murder, Attempted Murder, Aggravated Murder, Criminally Negligent Homicide, Sexual Abuse, and various other felony and misdemeanor cases.  She also conducts home visits on behalf of the attorney’s that represent the children currently placed in DHS Foster Care system.

Most of the clients she works with are incarcerated which requires close one-on-one work within the jail and/or prison systems.  Whether it be a hardened criminal or a first-time offender, she believes, that no matter the crime, the client deserves respect and to have an investigator dedicated to leaving no stone unturned. 



Kim is married and the proud step-mom to two teenage boys.  She is also a dog-mom to two French Bulldogs, Frances and Penny Lou, who can be found in the office with her almost every day.  Kim’s hobbies include camping, fishing, cooking, traveling, watching her step-sons play baseball, and spending time with her family.   


Favorite Quote

The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it’s possible to achieve the American dream.  

-Tommy Hilfiger

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 503-616-9418 x703