Criminal Defense - Working in conjunction with your attorney to put together the best defense possible.  

Activity Checks– Activity checks can be a cost effective way to determine if future surveillance efforts are needed or warranted for a claimant.  Discrete Activity Checks can often result in determining the activity of a subject such as whether they are employed, if they are home all day, or if they have hobbies.  Analyzing neighborhood canvass information with activity from the residence and database information can provide you with the information needed to determine if further investigation is needed.

Recorded statements–  Gathering information from a claimant or witness is an important part of the claims process.  All statements are obtained with a digital recording device.  Detailed reports are provided along with audio copies of the recorded statement.  Transcripts of statements can be provided upon request.   Statements can be obtained in person or by phone.

Locating Subjects– Whether it is a witness, claimant or subject of interest, we will use all legal means necessary to locate the individual.

Background checks– Conducting Background checks can provide you with the information needed to make informed and strengthened decisions.  We obtained information from various sources and present that information in a detailed report.  Background information is many times the first step in making an informed decision.  Let us find that information for you!

Additional Services-We also provide the following services:

Alive and Well Checks

Pre-Employment Checks

Asset Searches

Bankruptcy and Lien information

*Not all information is available in all states.