Portland Private Investigator

Specialized Private Investigator in Portland with professional solutions

Specialized Private Investigator in Portland with professional solutions

Specialized Private Investigator in Portland with professional solutions Specialized Private Investigator in Portland with professional solutions



Just as law firms have specializations, private investigators do as well. The primary difference is that some focus more on the research and digital side of the house, whereas others specialize in tracking and surveillance. For each type of lawyer, there is a comparable private investigator who can support their work. — from finding someone who is dodging papers being served, to catching a cheating spouse in the act, to confirming if an insurance claim is truly valid.

Professional Private Investigators Understand Legal Nuances and Objectivity

A private investigator can ensure fairness, leveling the playing field and providing the defendant with a neutral and impartial investigator to seek and gather the facts so that they can be assessed when the defendant presents his or her defense. This ultimately highlights how important it is for a criminal defense attorney to hire a professional private investigator who knows how to conduct a thorough and professional criminal investigation.

A professional private investigator understands the nuances involved with taking professional crime scene photos that will accurately depict the sequence of events so that the jury can explicitly understand exactly what happened. Crime scene photos must document and detail location, time, date, lighting, surroundings and many more details to address the who, what, where, when and why of the case.

Obtaining and preserving evidence is essential to any criminal defense case. The investigator must understand related laws, the proper way to gather evidence and maintain the chain of custody for possible court proceeding. Many good criminal cases have been lost because of tainted evidence. 

Finding Details That Were Initially Overlooked

Private investigators are full trained to take the time to understand the charges and laws associated with a specific crime when an attorney uses a private investigator in a criminal defense investigation. Once the private investigator develops a concrete understanding of the case in question, he or she will go over all of the materials that the defense team has received from the prosecutor.

Throughout the criminal defense investigation, the private investigator will scour routine police reports, copies of evidence, photographs, phone messages and witness statements related to the case, with the ultimate goal being to determine whether or not there are any inconsistencies from one witness to the next.

Additionally, a private investigator may re-visit or recreate the crime scene to see if there was any details that may have been overlooked. He or she may also decide to interview witnesses to see if their stories have changed or to verify that they do not have anything else that motivated their statements against the defendant.

If the private investigator unearths any inconsistencies or ulterior motives, they may be able to be used as a part of the client's defense. By the same merit, if the private investigator finds out that there are other witnesses who had not come forward, he or she can then look into these developments further.