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Chris has over 15 years of investigative experience ranging from Police work, financial crime investigations, workers compensation fraud and drug cases. While working as a Workers Compensation Fraud Investigator in Ohio, Chris created a Prescription Drug Task Force. The task force was a multi-jurisdictional task force consisting of law enforcement agencies from 6 counties in Northeast Ohio. Chris also worked financial crimes and was responsible for convictions in various high dollar counterfeiting schemes. Chris is a DPSST armed/unarmed private security instructor and is an NRA handgun instructor. Chris spent years teaching civilians and law enforcement in firearms training, de-escalation of force, tactical pistol shooting and situational awareness.




Chris enjoys spending time with his girlfriend of 7 years as well as with their two nephews and two nieces. Chris is an avid golfer and spends time playing the guitar, both are equally frustrating. Chris also spends time coordinating a charity golf event for the Z-Man Scholarship Foundation. The Foundation gives scholarships to Portland area high school students that accel academically and give back to their community. The foundation is named after Chris’ friend and mentor, who was a Portland Police officer that was tragically killed. 


Favorite Quote


“Trade your fear for freedom”


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 503-616-9418  x704